i don't think i can do this fight


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Edited by: @TundeFunny


  • king tut
    king tut7 minuter sedan

    I cant stand boys with these dangly earrings 😂

  • shad de doom Slayer
    shad de doom Slayer8 minuter sedan

    I hope Deji wins

  • Landen Coelho
    Landen Coelho12 minuter sedan

    I couldn't be asked to watch a deji video so just gonna say if you don't beat this mans your officialy a joke

  • Tanya_x
    Tanya_x17 minuter sedan

    oh damn since when did vinnie ?.£!/

  • Joud Chahla
    Joud Chahla47 minuter sedan

    hey deji go watch that dhar mann video about a single mom

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu noouiTimme sedan

    Deji - to study opponent tactics * watch tiktok videos

  • Jeremy Friend
    Jeremy FriendTimme sedan

    He gets paid for nothing dude you gotta win

  • ALMY
    ALMYTimme sedan

    This guy is soo fkn cringe

  • Caden brown
    Caden brown2 timmar sedan

    Deji: I've seen people spar and just swing their arms cough cough (alex wassabi)

    JDAWG SUPREME2 timmar sedan


  • foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui

    Timme sedan

    If you loose this fight, your channel will die

  • Covid 19
    Covid 192 timmar sedan

    This guy looks like Comedy Shorts Gamer damn I miss CSG...

  • A.K Master
    A.K Master2 timmar sedan

    At least Vinnie Gabe more tlrespect to deji unlike Jake paul

  • vFly CODM
    vFly CODM3 timmar sedan

    I like this kid too tbf

  • Adog Ddog
    Adog Ddog3 timmar sedan


    WOLVZY4 timmar sedan

    This is not gonna be fair deji is gonna kill him 😂😂😂

  • Bob Jamaica
    Bob Jamaica4 timmar sedan

    Bruh that kid ain’t winning.. you can’t box and have that mentality

  • Prince Vegeta-son
    Prince Vegeta-son4 timmar sedan

    That dudes gonna beat your ass

  • PaulPlaysMinecraft
    PaulPlaysMinecraft5 timmar sedan

    You should give him a shirt at the press conference lol

  • Scarypeanutt69
    Scarypeanutt695 timmar sedan

    Deji really tryna be something he isn't He just a dumbass

  • Jonathan Films
    Jonathan Films5 timmar sedan

    Hes one of the “thirst trap” typa tiktokers from what I gettin from this😂😂

  • flyinghawlucha
    flyinghawlucha5 timmar sedan

    Finally a tick-tocker that isn’t a complete arsehole

  • Gucci Killo
    Gucci Killo6 timmar sedan

    Vinnie looks pretty cool

  • Jordan Hamilton
    Jordan Hamilton7 timmar sedan

    Deji laughing now but imagine if he loses to this guy 😂

  • Rush Em
    Rush Em7 timmar sedan

    If you loose this fight, your channel will die

  • Cl4w
    Cl4w7 timmar sedan

    You need to win so I can make edits 🤣

  • AstolfoYohoUwU
    AstolfoYohoUwU7 timmar sedan

    Sees first clip deji plays oh shit hes sooo dead

  • Dr Alf
    Dr Alf7 timmar sedan

    You nnnnneeeeeddddddd to fuck up this TikToker mate

  • FamousMxrcy
    FamousMxrcy8 timmar sedan

    Tekken n fifa🤣

  • FamousMxrcy
    FamousMxrcy8 timmar sedan

    This vinnie dude is mad cringe wtf why does he have clout

  • FamousMxrcy
    FamousMxrcy8 timmar sedan

    “Hes a tiktoker” why is that so funny🤣

  • Yvonne Mathapelo
    Yvonne Mathapelo9 timmar sedan

    vinny is respectful ngl

    UNKNOWN. GUY9 timmar sedan

    Epic 👍

  • Cheetah Thomas Xxx
    Cheetah Thomas Xxx9 timmar sedan

    Deji better not lose

  • Janathan Villalobos
    Janathan Villalobos10 timmar sedan

    Knock ✊ him out first round Deji that dude be like 🤕🥊🥊😠 am I right

  • Leo
    Leo10 timmar sedan

    Dej you will slap this dude in the ring

  • Tony not Toni 13
    Tony not Toni 1310 timmar sedan

    Deji i hope you're training hard fam, we all want to see you redeem yourself mate cuz at the end of the day we're all TANK GANG😤

  • Salamat Po!
    Salamat Po!11 timmar sedan

    You look like Mayweather... You are the next Mayweather

  • DW Nation

    DW Nation

    10 timmar sedan

    Except hight

  • DW Nation

    DW Nation

    10 timmar sedan

    He doesn’t look like Mayweather at all lol. They don’t even have the same futures 😂😂😂

  • Vegeta su papkiuku
    Vegeta su papkiuku11 timmar sedan

    Becoming Winy Hacker for 24H (EXTREME CRINGE)!!!

  • Harry Pine
    Harry Pine12 timmar sedan

    You can do it my g

  • zbaker330
    zbaker33012 timmar sedan

    didn’t this guy get bodied by Jake Paul? why is he gonna embarrass himself again?

  • yoglaa Bulga
    yoglaa Bulga12 timmar sedan

    Channels dead😂😂

  • CFC 96
    CFC 9613 timmar sedan

    You better fk up this lady boy 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • FearOfGod
    FearOfGod14 timmar sedan

    People actually give that clown views and he gets a money fight with Deji by being cringe???

  • zbaker330


    12 timmar sedan

    Deji is cringe too.

  • Shashank S
    Shashank S15 timmar sedan

    I am here after "gotcha hat"

  • DrVince
    DrVince15 timmar sedan

    Bruh if he loses to this tiktok dude ...he should just stop boxing overall

  • Michael arreola
    Michael arreola16 timmar sedan

    Atleast hes cool abt it in the interview i get you have to hate him when your in the ring but he looks like a cool guy outside of it

  • Armatige.23
    Armatige.2316 timmar sedan

    If there’s one thing both olatunji brothers have...it’s a damn contagious laugh

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui16 timmar sedan

    that ruins the sport

  • Tyler Matsumoto
    Tyler Matsumoto16 timmar sedan

    Deji if you lose to this dude I’m sorry but idk what to say

  • Angel survivor
    Angel survivor16 timmar sedan

    Lol what a bitch

  • Forsak3n
    Forsak3n17 timmar sedan

    I just saw some footage of Vinnie hitting the pads, and the guy is going to get destroyed by Deji.

  • Bailey Miles
    Bailey Miles18 timmar sedan


  • mijuo roui

    mijuo roui

    16 timmar sedan

    He is a freak have u seen his tiktoks he thinks ppl actually like him DEJI please knock the geezer out

  • UniverseSouッ
    UniverseSouッ18 timmar sedan

    Alternative title: Dude watch’s a E-boy

  • S. Diaz
    S. Diaz18 timmar sedan

    Deji...really...I'm so disappointed in you....I remember watching you compete in boxing...instead of taking it serious. You're bullshiting. We could of gotten Deji and Jake 2...but no.

  • Sebastian Fuentes
    Sebastian Fuentes18 timmar sedan

    Come on deji you can do this🔥🔥

  • Ahmed Hulk
    Ahmed Hulk18 timmar sedan

    I didn't believe you actually reacting to your Your opponent

  • Ema Khan
    Ema Khan19 timmar sedan

    You lost with jake and you coming for fame

  • TopVerse
    TopVerse19 timmar sedan

    Two respectful guys boxing and giving each other boxing respect. Nah yeah this is the main event 🤙🏼

  • Rawr Lion
    Rawr Lion19 timmar sedan

    06:53 tell us their names

  • Jury
    Jury19 timmar sedan

    Everyone wanting to beat and f each other up Vinnie and Deji: 🤗💕

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay Bevoman19 timmar sedan

    Clickbaiting bs title... Typical deji... Hope he gets knocked out tbf to sort his ego out

  • Retardo
    Retardo19 timmar sedan

    We want to see deji in shape

  • Adam Nabil
    Adam Nabil20 timmar sedan

    play tekken you prick

  • Andrew Skerratt
    Andrew Skerratt20 timmar sedan

    Deji is a homie he's not all about hating on people and trying to "get in there head"

  • Sayne Core
    Sayne Core20 timmar sedan

    Please tell me your training deji pleaaaaase tell me your training

  • Jack unknown
    Jack unknown20 timmar sedan

    He is a freak have u seen his tiktoks he thinks ppl actually like him DEJI please knock the geezer out

  • Braiden Holmes
    Braiden Holmes20 timmar sedan

    when the comments are on the side with "deji gonna break his nose"

  • XIX
    XIX21 timme sedan

    Deji boxing opponent making a tiktok crying while doing a dance after he loses the fight

  • Tyler Brack
    Tyler Brack21 timme sedan

    Yo deji saw ur tweet u gonna say Jake's a idiot tell me who won the fight against u and jake 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • DW 19
    DW 1921 timme sedan

    Deji do a reaction to the Floyd mayweather vs Logan Paul conference fight 😂😂😂

  • Nighty
    Nighty21 timme sedan

    7:18 nah subway surfers

  • George Brown
    George Brown21 timme sedan

    One v one cod

  • Omar Irizarry
    Omar Irizarry21 timme sedan

    This is all thanks to you for not training fat boi gotcha hat Mayweather

  • Omar Irizarry
    Omar Irizarry21 timme sedan

    Stop deleting my comment

  • Christian Matteson
    Christian Matteson21 timme sedan

    Come on denji you can’t beat up a Gay kid 😂

  • Christian Matteson

    Christian Matteson

    21 timme sedan

    That’s just wrong ha ha

  • Sensational_ Mel
    Sensational_ Mel22 timmar sedan

    I actually like this one... he actually sounded nice....

  • KPD
    KPD22 timmar sedan

    If you want to blow this fight up, you need to get a ko first round and the work will speak for it’s self...

  • Wolf58GH
    Wolf58GH23 timmar sedan

    U can’t do any fights lol

  • Adriel Bryanr
    Adriel Bryanr23 timmar sedan

    6:51 XD

  • Spiritual Scar
    Spiritual ScarDag sedan

    Do a rematch with jack paul, you can do it

  • Richard Jones
    Richard JonesDag sedan

    Haven't seen your channel for about 2 years forgot you still exist lol wheres tank gone champ??

  • Coco Maska

    Coco Maska

    Dag sedan

    @Richard Jones can’t remember but 1 year ago maybe

  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

    Dag sedan

    @Coco Maska ahh never gutted for him R.I.P tank how long ago did that happen shows I ain't watched deji for time

  • Coco Maska

    Coco Maska

    Dag sedan

    Died matw

  • dino
    dinoDag sedan

    Is that tiktoker like gay or some shit

  • IfeCap
    IfeCapDag sedan

    I like that energy he’s not talking shit of the bat and understand that it’s not about the trash talk but about the sport

  • Brock Bienemann
    Brock BienemannDag sedan

    No offense but he kinda looks scared

  • Jasperplays 123
    Jasperplays 123Dag sedan

    @Jasperplays 123

  • Jasperplays 123
    Jasperplays 123Dag sedan

    @Jasperplays 123

  • Jasperplays 123
    Jasperplays 123Dag sedan

    Jasperplays 123

  • Catyu
    CatyuDag sedan

    Real Name Of this Fight (Deji Fights a TikTok EBoy

  • Evie Laveryth
    Evie LaverythDag sedan

    Deji looks so scared but not for the fight

  • Tyrese bezuidenhout
    Tyrese bezuidenhoutDag sedan

    He only has girl followers

  • Jim Chow
    Jim ChowDag sedan

    When was the last good deji video hahah comedy shorts gamer looool.u freeeeeeeeee÷eeeeeeek

  • MeaslyMophus _
    MeaslyMophus _Dag sedan

    Good vid Dej

  • Fadi Lb
    Fadi LbDag sedan

    This is your toughest opponent so far dej train well

  • Brian YourMaster
    Brian YourMasterDag sedan

    Is he using his mask wrong ?

  • Cbi Nopa
    Cbi NopaDag sedan

    the guy who almost clapped jake

  • D Lethal
    D LethalDag sedan

    Play me in mortal kombat

  • Suigeneris Fan
    Suigeneris FanDag sedan

    Deji, you lost to Jake. BUT U BETTER BEAT HIS ASS. ???